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AVOID A BROKEN BONE: Optimize Bone Health and Reverse Osteoporosis By Pier Boutin, MD

All you need to know to stop bone loss and reverse osteoporosis.  Avoid a broken hip!

Learn which foods support bone formation and those, which destroy bones. This 100-page book covers diet, exercise, supplements, hormone replacement and medications.

This book is a practical compendium of guidelines on things I can do to improve my bone strength. It helps me understand my osteoporosis through a holistic lens so I can do something about it.
— C.T.
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FINDING MY MOJO: How a Little Boy from the Mountains of Morocco Changed an American Surgeon's Life By Pier Boutin, MD | 2018
[In Development]

My chance encounter with a four-year old boy in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco changed both our lives. The orthopedic surgeon in me recognized this congenital deformity as untreated clubfeet. 

I brought Little Mo to the United States to live with us while I arranged to have his feet corrected. He returned to his family eight months later – running and jumping like other kids his age. While his legs and feet grew strong, my self-worth and drive returned. We healed each other.

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